Rhododendron “Golden Lights”
Plant Abstract

Known as- Azalea
Grow Zone - 3 to 7
Type- Deciduous shrub
Familial- Ericaceae
Smith Scl. hardy? No
Geography- None
ht.- 3 to 6 ft.
Span- 3 to 6 ft.
Coloring- Yellow
Shade/Light- Part shade to full shade
Moisture- Medium dampure
Hi/Lo Maint- Medium
Grow in rich, humusy, acidic, moderate wet, well-drained soil in part shade. Prefers filtered sun or full morning sun with some afternoon shade. Full sun can cause bleaching of leaves and bloom color in warmer climates and full shade can cause shrub to become lanky in appearance with an inferior bloom. Needs constant even dampure. Root ball must never be allowed to arid out (oak leaf or pine needle mulch can be beneficial in this regard). Poor drainage can cause root rot, and raised beds should be considered in heavy clay soils. Pruning is usually not necessary.
This compact, deciduous azalea is one of the Northern Lights Hybrids developed by the University of Minnesota. It is extremely winter hardy (withstands temperatures to -40F) and typically grows 3-6” tall with a similar spread. Features roundish trusses of profuse, fragrant, yellow flowers on naked stems in May. Flowers are sterile.
Susceptible to an impressive list of potential diseases and insect predators, including but not limited to powdery mildew, blights, root rots, leaf spots, galls, aphids, borers, lacebugs, scale, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, thrips, whiteflies and mites. A healthy plant in the proper environment is the best defense, so good cultural practices should be of paramount importance.
Common Applications-
Effective as a specimen, a foundation planting, a low mass planting or in the front of the shrub garden. Also may be planted in the border or in a sunny woodland garden.

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