Styrax japonicus “Carillon”
Plant Abstract

Known as- Japanese snowbell
Grow Zone - 5 to 9
Type- Deciduous shrub
Familial- Styracaceae
Smith Scl. hardy? No
Geography- None
ht.- 8 to 12 ft.
Span- 8 to 12 ft.
Coloring- White with showy yellow stamens
Shade/Light- Full sun to part shade
Moisture- Medium dampure
Hi/Lo Maint- Medium
Best grown in organically rich, acidic, moderate wet, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Prune as needed in winter to control shape.
This Japanese snowbell cultivar is a large shrub with wide-spreading branches which weep. Typically grows 8-12” tall. Features small pendulous clusters of bell-shaped, mildly fragrant, white flowers (3/4’ long) with showy yellow stamens. Flowers appear in May-June and give way to grayish-brown drupes which persist into late autumn. Gray bark fissures on older branches to reveal orange inner bark which can be attractive in winter. Elliptic-oblong, glossy, dark green leaves (to 3’ long) turn yellow to red in fall. In the same family as and closely related to Halesia (silverbell). “Carillon” is generally considered to be synonymous with S. j. “Pendula”.
No serious insect or disease pests.
Common Applications-
Shrub borders. Open woodland gardens. Lawn specimen.