Magnolia x loebneri “Spring Joy”
Plant Abstract

Known as- Magnolia
Grow Zone - 4 to 8
Type- Tree
Familial- Magnoliaceae
Smith Scl. hardy? No
Geography- None
ht.- 20 to 30 ft.
Span- 25 to 35 ft.
Coloring- White often flushed with pink
Shade/Light- Full sun to part shade
Moisture- Medium dampure
Hi/Lo Maint- Medium
Easily grown in average, moderate wet, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Prefers rich, organic soils.
This magnolia cultivar is a deciduous tree with a spreading, rounded crown. Typically grows 20-30” tall. May be grown as a large shrub. Features fragrant, 12-petaled, white flowers (to 6’ diameter) which bloom in early spring. Flowers are often flushed with pink. Narrow-obovate, bright green foliage. Red seeds form in greenish pods which split open in the fall.
No serious disease or pest problems. Late spring frost may damage early blooms.